Lifting back the misty veil of winter, buds start to awake from hibernation with colours seeping through. Silver, Purple, Red, Indigo, Navy and Green are spelling SPRING. It’s a colourful and refreshing season to add some radiance to our lives.

Early this month I put four sunscreens to the test to see which ones survived the tropical sun and the turquoise sea, the detailed review is here. For any orders over $80 (after any discounts applied) in one transaction, I am giving away a complementary sunscreen, your choice of either eco logical body sunscreen or Soleo Organics sunscreen. No code required, simply leave a note on the comment section before you make a payment. Offer valid until midnight 30 Sep 2016, while stocks last.

My roses in the garden have started to bud which reminds me that I have some beautiful rose products that I can offer you a discount of 30%! Offer valid until midnight 30 Sep 2016, while stocks last.

HOAP Skincare - Planet Eve - Luxe Body Creme

Planet Eve Organics – Luxe Body Creme

HOAP Skincare - Planet Eve - Rose Hydration Mist

Planet Eve Organics – Rose Hydration Mist

HOAP Skincare - Planet Eve - Facial Balancing Toner

Planet Eve Organics – Facial Balancing Toner


If every encounter is fate then every absence helps us to grow.
We see someone new everyday and we may miss those who have come into our lives at the wrong time.
Is it absence that helps us grow or is it fate?
Time preserves all of our unforgettable moments and turns them into memories.
Like a good bottle of wine, beer or maybe a spirit, you have a bit of a taste and you might get tipsy but boy, that can feel great!
Maybe it is time.

Fate takes you to HOAP Skincare, we might be lucky enough to serve you or we might miss each other because the timing is not right but one day you will remember us and visit again, if it’s the month of August 2016 then in addition to free shipping on all domestic orders we also have a little gift for you. Just because we love to.

Take care.

Strolling to the new Financial Year, some of you have probably had a crazy past month and some may have pocketed one or two favourite items at a ‘no tomorrow’ price. I received a parcel today in the mail and just when I opened it I realised that I had put the wrong items in the cart and the worst part is, I already have them! At first I was disappointed, then upset with myself (I’m a perfectionist, silly mistakes like this should never exist in any chapter of my life!), but finding the positive side I am relieved that someone (my Mom) will get a birthday present that I know she will love.

Often we have ups and downs in life and with the right attitude we will note that most of the downs are actually not that bad. We sometimes forget what we have, instead we spend time regretting what we don’t have or worrying about things that may not even happen. We want to own the world, without acknowledging that we have the world and we always have. Open up your heart and reach out, you have the world. When you are walking in the dark, don’t be afraid, slow down, close your eyes and you will find the light to guide you out of darkness.

This month we offer free shipping on all Australian orders. If you haven’t seen our Mettā Skincare product review, please click here.

I was counting the fallen leaves while having a sip of my morning coffee, a gust of frosty wind sneaked through the collar of my vest and sent a shiver through my body. A drop of coffee bounced up from the vibration and felt down, the noise was covered by a curtain of misty drizzle that was rushing down from the soft grey sky. The wind and the rain were resting on both sides of my shoulders, brushing my face and then whispered in my ears: Winter is at your door step!

Winter in Melbourne is cold and wet but to me it’s also warm and hearty, I like to snuggle in big coats on an icy morning and I like to fill my kitchen with the hearty smells of a roast on the weekend. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace at home, then I would like to visit and share my homemade mulled wine with you. This month I will warm up your winter by offering up to 25% off storewide, visit our store now to stock up on your favourite products, you will not regret using these high quality Australian natural and organic skin care products.

Right in the middle of Autumn and I know that some of you have started to see some changes in our skin condition, my way of tackling irritated skin during the change of seasons is to apply a mask at least once a week. Some of the masks work on drawing out impurities and some work on revitalising stressed and dull skin. Depending on your skin type and condition, you can always tailor your masks to suit by adding facial serum oil, diluted essential oil and facial mists. I posted a blog a little while ago about how to get the most out of your dry masks, you can find out more from here.

Slowly coming to winter we certainly see the sun less, especially here in Melbourne. One of the questions that I get asked frequently is whether we need to apply sunscreen in winter, click here to learn a little extra about sunscreen.

In May we have Mother’s Day just around the corner, let’s see what specials we have for you in this sweet loving month!

HOAP Skincare | Blog | Clay Mask

15% OFF All Masks

Sunscreen | HOAP Blog | HOAP Skincare

12% OFF Selected Sunscreen

CedarStone | Soap | HOAP Skincare

10% OFF Cedar + Stone Soap Bars

BasiK Organics Travel Set | HOAP Skincare

15% OFF Entire BasiK Organics Range

I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter break and you are now fully recharged and ready to go again! Last month I reviewed two products that I love from BasiK Organics, if you haven’t seen the review I suggest you go and check it out here.

April is Autumn in Australia and it’s one of my favourite seasons. I love Autumn because it’s not too hot nor too cold, it can be drastic and unpredictable, it’s like a romance story that Summer is finding the friction point to ignite a cosy relationship with Winter… Okay I know I might be a little bit over the top but you get my point – Autumn is romantic! To bring on the awesomeness of Autumn and to share the scent of romance, we are having all rose related products on special. Hurry while stocks last!


HOAP Skincare | Planet Eve | Eye Firming Gel

20% OFF Planet Eve Organics range

HOAP Skincare | HappySkincare | Rose Hydrating Tonic

15% OFF Happy Skincare Raindrops on Roses

HOAP Skincare | TLA - Rose Hydrating Mist

15% OFF TLA Kyella Rose Hydrating Mist

Angel Sent Candles | 8oz | HOAP Skincare

15% OFF Angel Sent Rose Candle

CedarStone | Bath Salts | HOAP Skincare

15% OFF C+S Bath Salt (Rose, Orange & Gardenia)

CedarStone | Mist | HOAP Skincare

15% OFF C+S Face & Body Mist (Rose, Orange & Gardenia)


Once a month we send out a newsletter to you and this month is a little bit different. Yes, monthly specials! From now on, on a monthly basis we will select some of our favourite items to feature in our monthly specials. If you find an item that you love or see the product that you have been wanting to try, be sure to get in quick to grab yours! The special runs for the entire month, while stocks last.

Follow us on social media and leave us a comment if you want any products to be featured in the following month’s special. At HOAP Skincare we value communication and we love to hear your feedback. Simply send us an email if you just want to have a chat or check out our blog regularly as we sometimes have great tips to share.

Check out our March 2016 special and if you like it, don’t forget to tell your besties! Sharing is caring.

HOAP Skincare | Sunscreen

12% OFF all Sunscreen (Face/Body/Baby)

HOAP Skincare - Kelapa - Normal Hair Shampoo_Conditioner

$30 Kelapa Organics Shampoo & Conditioner Pack

HOAP Skincare - Planet Eve - Facial Cleansing Oil

10% OFF Planet Eve Organics Cleansing Oil & a FREE Sponge

HOAP Skincare - Planet Eve - Body Cream

15% OFF Planet Eve Organics Body Cream