The key to a ‘No Makeup’ makeup look.

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In the past few years one of the most requested and most popular videos on YouTube is ‘No Makeup’ makeup look, this makes me – someone who has an overwhelming passion in the beauty industry, excited. The name of this makeup look says everything – it looks as if you are not wearing any makeup, you own this naturally glowing skin. To me the popularity of this look represents the attractiveness of natural beauty and the key to rock this look effortlessly is naturally beautiful skin.

HOAP Skincare | Blog | No Makeup Makeup LookYou don’t need to be a makeup artist to know that in order to pull off any look, a well prepared hydrated healthy face is going to save you plenty of time. Minimum concealer, a thin layer of sheer foundation followed by lightly dusted eye brows, invisible tight line and a neutral tone lip gloss to brighten up your smile in front of any cameras. This is my everyday look, all it takes is 7 minutes every morning – no joke, 7 minutes. Because I do have naturally glowing skin with minimal breakouts, my face is ready for makeup anytime! The best thing is that I do not spend any longer on my daily routine than most of you who are reading this post, let me show you how.

HOAP Skincare - HappySkincare - oily combination skin set 3 oilMy skin care routine is very simple, I believe in “less is more”, although the key is to use the right product for your skin type and understand that our skin can change anytime. Cleanse, hydrate, moisturise – these are the core 3 steps I follow every morning and night, 5 minutes daily is all it takes. Once a week I will do a hydrating or deep cleansing mask but that’s totally optional. Some may say: I do the same if not more, but I still have too many problems with my skin. Well, that can happen and therefore I pay attention to my skin everyday before I use any products. Weather, temperature, environment, age, mood, emotions etc all these factors change our skin conditions, that’s why dry skin can become combination sometimes and normal skin can become sensitive. Spending 10 seconds every day to watch and feel your skin can help you to decide what products to use.

Soléo Organics | All Natural Sunscreen 40g | HOAP SkincareWhenever my skin is irritated because of pollen or dust, I always stick to chemical free products; whenever my skin feels dry, I always choose serum/oil; and whenever I have breakouts or my skin feels a little oily, Jojoba oil based moisturiser is my number one ‘go-to’ product. Regardless weather I’m wearing makeup that day, I will never skip my sunscreen because UV rays are the number one cause of skin cancer and ageing!

My last tip to a perfect ‘No Makeup’ makeup look is imperfection – remember what I always say – imperfection makes it perfect! Use a little bit less concealer, stay away from medium (and above) coverage foundation and forget those Taylor Swift red lips. We are unique individuals, be confident and understand that we are beautiful in our own individual way.

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