June 2016 Specials

HOAP Skincare_June16_Special

I was counting the fallen leaves while having a sip of my morning coffee, a gust of frosty wind sneaked through the collar of my vest and sent a shiver through my body. A drop of coffee bounced up from the vibration and felt down, the noise was covered by a curtain of misty drizzle that was rushing down from the soft grey sky. The wind and the rain were resting on both sides of my shoulders, brushing my face and then whispered in my ears: Winter is at your door step!

Winter in Melbourne is cold and wet but to me it’s also warm and hearty, I like to snuggle in big coats on an icy morning and I like to fill my kitchen with the hearty smells of a roast on the weekend. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace at home, then I would like to visit and share my homemade mulled wine with you. This month I will warm up your winter by offering up to 25% off storewide, visit our store now to stock up on your favourite products, you will not regret using these high quality Australian natural and organic skin care products.

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