July 2016 Specials

July 2016 Specials

Strolling to the new Financial Year, some of you have probably had a crazy past month and some may have pocketed one or two favourite items at a ‘no tomorrow’ price. I received a parcel today in the mail and just when I opened it I realised that I had put the wrong items in the cart and the worst part is, I already have them! At first I was disappointed, then upset with myself (I’m a perfectionist, silly mistakes like this should never exist in any chapter of my life!), but finding the positive side I am relieved that someone (my Mom) will get a birthday present that I know she will love.

Often we have ups and downs in life and with the right attitude we will note that most of the downs are actually not that bad. We sometimes forget what we have, instead we spend time regretting what we don’t have or worrying about things that may not even happen. We want to own the world, without acknowledging that we have the world and we always have. Open up your heart and reach out, you have the world. When you are walking in the dark, don’t be afraid, slow down, close your eyes and you will find the light to guide you out of darkness.

This month we offer free shipping on all Australian orders. If you haven’t seen our Mettā Skincare product review, please click here.

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