April 2016 Specials – No fooling!

Planet Eve Organics | HOAP Skincare

I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter break and you are now fully recharged and ready to go again! Last month I reviewed two products that I love from BasiK Organics, if you haven’t seen the review I suggest you go and check it out here.

April is Autumn in Australia and it’s one of my favourite seasons. I love Autumn because it’s not too hot nor too cold, it can be drastic and unpredictable, it’s like a romance story that Summer is finding the friction point to ignite a cosy relationship with Winter… Okay I know I might be a little bit over the top but you get my point – Autumn is romantic! To bring on the awesomeness of Autumn and to share the scent of romance, we are having all rose related products on special. Hurry while stocks last!


HOAP Skincare | Planet Eve | Eye Firming Gel

20% OFF Planet Eve Organics range

HOAP Skincare | HappySkincare | Rose Hydrating Tonic

15% OFF Happy Skincare Raindrops on Roses

HOAP Skincare | TLA - Rose Hydrating Mist

15% OFF TLA Kyella Rose Hydrating Mist

Angel Sent Candles | 8oz | HOAP Skincare

15% OFF Angel Sent Rose Candle

CedarStone | Bath Salts | HOAP Skincare

15% OFF C+S Bath Salt (Rose, Orange & Gardenia)

CedarStone | Mist | HOAP Skincare

15% OFF C+S Face & Body Mist (Rose, Orange & Gardenia)


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