Our Story

 Cathy HuangEvery drop of water, every plant, every animal and every one of us come from the same place and go back to the same place – mother earth.

We all know that our skin is the largest living organ of our body, most of the products that go onto our skin have the potential to be absorbed into our blood stream, and some, will go down the drain and end up in our waterways. We also know this is not the end of the cycle, what’s in our waterways could eventually end up back in our soil, our water and our food. Go to your bathroom, pick up the products that you use everyday, turn to the back and add up those unpronounceable chemicals, you will be shocked to find out how many of them are known toxicants and harmful to us.

The reason I started H.O.A.P. Skincare is simple, to find the best effective and highest quality products for you, that are not harmful. Beauty doesn’t need to be complicated, and should not cause any pain. Just the sun and water at the right time can bring to us full bloom flowers, the difference between flowers and us is, we have a choice. After all, our story is not much of a story, it’s just a simple philosophy that we choose to adhere to: We want healthier soil and water to grow a better future for generations to come. Opting for natural and organic products is a healthy lifestyle choice.

Before putting any products on our shelves, I study, research, check and question every ingredient. I set very high standards for all our stock, they cannot be tested on animals and must be free from sulfates, parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic fragrances & colours and other harmful chemicals. Every one of the products that you can find from our store, I use myself and share with my family and friends. My journey doesn’t stop here, with all the new technologies and research findings, I understand the importance of keeping myself up-to-date with the latest information in cosmetic products (which includes skincare products).

Our store may be small today but our ambition is huge, say no to “toxic” is our way of respecting ourselves as well as nature. Our brand and stock list is growing, if you have the same vision as us, share with us! I don’t think by choosing natural and organic products we will change the world over night, but I believe doing our best, bit by bit, where possible, good karma will come.

Be happy.

With love,


Cathy Huang


H.O.A.P. Skincare