Lifting back the misty veil of winter, buds start to awake from hibernation with colours seeping through. Silver, Purple, Red, Indigo, Navy and Green are spelling SPRING. It’s a colourful and refreshing season to add some radiance to our lives.

Early this month I put four sunscreens to the test to see which ones survived the tropical sun and the turquoise sea, the detailed review is here. For any orders over $80 (after any discounts applied) in one transaction, I am giving away a complementary sunscreen, your choice of either eco logical body sunscreen or Soleo Organics sunscreen. No code required, simply leave a note on the comment section before you make a payment. Offer valid until midnight 30 Sep 2016, while stocks last.

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HOAP Skincare - Planet Eve - Luxe Body Creme

Planet Eve Organics – Luxe Body Creme

HOAP Skincare - Planet Eve - Rose Hydration Mist

Planet Eve Organics – Rose Hydration Mist

HOAP Skincare - Planet Eve - Facial Balancing Toner

Planet Eve Organics – Facial Balancing Toner


Having spent a week on a tropical island early this month, there was no better time to test out some of our sunscreens. The tests were tough, they included Touch & Feel, Easy to Wash, Water (chlorine and sea water) Resistance and Protection.

The sunscreens I brought with me were: eco logical face sunscreen, eco logical body sunscreen, Green Foot Mama Organic Sun and Kelapa Organics SPF15 face moisturiser. Let’s see which ones survived the tropical sun and the turquoise sea!

Rating 5 is the most favourable.


Eco logical face sunscreen (SPF30+)

HOAP Skincare - Eco - Natural Sunscreen Face

This is my all-time favourite since I discovered it 2 years ago, it has a relatively light fluffy texture and it mixes well by simply shaking the bottle before application. This sunscreen is not at all greasy and is super-fast absorbing, it’s even better than any chemical sunscreen that I have used in the past. To remove, all it takes is a bit of makeup remover or cleansing oil and it will come off nice and clean. Because it’s so light and has such a clean feel to it, I actually cannot tell if it’s water resistant at all. Therefore, I re-apply it every 2 hours or when I finish any water activities – same as all other sunscreens tell you to do.

After a week, I did get some colour on my face but I did not get sun burnt at all. Overall, it’s an absolute winner for me!

Touch & Feel: 5/5

Easy to Wash: 5/5

Water Resistance: 3/5

Protection: 3.5/5


Eco logical body sunscreen (SPF30+)

HOAP Skincare | eco - Natural Sunscreen Body 100g

Unlike the one for the face, this is heavier in texture and therefore, to mix it before application, you actually need to give the tube a good squeeze to ensure that it’s well mixed. When it first touches the skin it can feel a bit heavy and greasy but give it a minute or so (depends on the thickness of your application) it should be absorbed and leaves no greasy feel at all. The good thing about this it’s fairly water resistant, once you exit the water you can see the water drops sitting on the skin and sliding off. For this reason, it’s a bit more difficult to wash it off within the first few hours of application, assuming that you haven’t been active. Depends on the activities that you will be doing and how much you sweat, I do recommend to re-apply every 3-4 hours.

After a week of an average 4 hours in the sun and 3 hours in water on a daily basis, I did get quite a bit of colour on my body but I did not get sun burnt at all when I used this product. Overall, I like this one very much as it doesn’t irritate my skin after multiple applications throughout a day.

Touch & Feel: 4/5

Easy to Wash: 3/5

Water Resistance: 4/5

Protection: 4/5


Green Foot Mama Organic Sun (SPF15)

GreenFootMama Organic Sun | HOAP Skincare

This is the only sunscreen that has a delicious chocolate scent to it. It’s a balm like texture below 20 degrees Celsius, it will soften to a thickened cream texture when the temperature gets warmer. It’s always easier to apply when it’s softer but all it takes is a bit of rubbing between the palms to warm it up during cooler days.

This sunscreen contains a higher percentage of Zinc Oxide (30%) than the eco logical sunscreen (20%-22%) but it has a lower SPF because it was manufactured to retain the benefits of some of the fragile ingredients. Hence it can be used as after sun care to sooth and nourish sun damaged skin. If I have to rate the most water resistant sunscreen of the four, this is definitely the champion, and thus it can be quite difficult to get the product off at the end of the day. If you don’t mind to smell like chocolate in bed, you probably don’t need to worry too much about washing it all off, it’s after sun care anyway. It’s definitely greasier than the others and it feels like you are wearing a thin film layer on your skin for a little while.

I used it for a whole day, kayaking, hiking and snorkelling, re-applied twice during a 5.5 hour duration (that’s 3 layers) and I got sun burnt on my shoulders, arms and décolletage. However my sun burn was not at all painful afterwards and I believe it’s the contribution of the after sun care ingredients.

I recommend using this if you are not “full-on” sun baking, use a small amount on each application and re-apply as often as you can.

Touch & Feel: 3/5

Wash: 2/5

Water Resistance: 5/5

Protection: 2/5


Kelapa Organics SPF Face Moisturiser (SPF15)

HOAP Skincare - Kelapa - SPF Moisturiser

It’s a moisturiser that has sun protection, I need to make sure that we are clear about the main purpose of this product before we go on with the comparison. It does the job as a moisturiser and it is a little bit heavier than Kelapa’s other moisturisers (without SPF). This is not designed for you to use and then go out for “full-on” sun baking. It’s designed for everyday use, which requires only a little sun protection when commuting to school or work.

I used this daily for my face and body after I finished water activities, washed off layers of sunscreens and before heading to the pool for a drink or two at sunset. It’s a perfect pamper for tired skin and it gives enough protection before the sun goes down.

Touch & Feel: 4.5/5

Wash: 5/5

Water Resistance: NA

Protection: 1.5/5