There is a Chinese saying that reads, “If you are unable to be a Great person, be a kind person”.

I visited Taiwan again at the end of December 2015. Taiwan is a charming place to visit because they have very nice people who are friendly and always willing to help; they have such beautiful scenery that even the famous movie Life of Pie chose to film there. But like all other places in the world, they have babies/children who don’t have a home and therefore, they have orphanages that need our help.

Orphanage_Xi En_2This post has taken me a month to finish because the emotions in writing this post are overwhelming. I am not a “Great” person, I probably cannot change the world, but I do want to be a kind person who can contribute to help make this world a better place. If you are reading this post and you want to help me to become a better person, please help me to spread the word and let more people know about Taiwan Xi En.

During my trip to Taiwan, I met with two beautiful ladies – Holly Muir, one of the founders and Executive Director of Taiwan Xi En (Xi En) and Shiowei, an administrator who assists Holly and the house in many ways. Xi En is an orphanage located in Kaohsiung Taiwan, Xi En in Mandarin means hope and grace, the two simple words that we should always have in mind.

Xi En ( was founded in 2007, originally as a home for unwed mothers in Taiwan and is now a licensed orphanage taking care of over 14 babies and the numbers are increasing rapidly. Other than babies with special needs, Xi En is licensed to look after babies until two years old. They are currently working on obtaining an adoption license to help these babies find a new home, as well as obtaining a license to keep babies until they turn three.

Orphanage_Xi EnUnder Taiwanese regulation, 3.3 square meters is allowed for one baby, every 3 babies require 1 nanny and every 15 babies require a social worker. With 14 babies Xi En has very quickly reached its maximum capacity in space but there are still many babies on the waiting list who need to be taken care of. As a licensed and registered orphanage, Xi En receives very limited help from the government financially but this doesn’t stop Xi En from providing all the necessities to the babies including babies with special needs. According to Xi En’s calculation, to meet all the relevant requirements and legislation in Taiwan, it costs Xi En USD500 to raise a baby per month and their goal is to be able to keep a maximum of 28 babies at the same time. They urge you to please help, in any form, at any time and in any way that you are able.

Ways to help Xi En:

  1. Website development. Xi En’s website is not in the best state at the moment, I had a bit of trouble getting in contact with them because their website contact form wasn’t working properly. If you are a website developer and you may be able to commit to helping Xi En to rebuild their website, please contact Shiowei at (
  1. Sponsor a baby. For USD50 per month you can sponsor a baby, there’s no commitment and you can stop at anytime depending on your circumstances. If you choose to support a baby, you will receive a picture of the baby monthly and a letter to tell you where the baby is at etc. For more information on sponsoring a baby, please visit
  1. Orphanage_Xi En_3Financial support. Xi En partners with Great Commission Foundation in Canada and GCM Ministries in America to help collecting donations and whom also ensurethe books are correct. If you reside in Canada or America you can now donate online, details please refer to ( If you reside in other countries other than Canada or America, you can also check out the above-mentioned page to find out other ways to donate.
  1. Commodities/special items for nannies, babies or workers. If you have any new or unused items lying around at home that you think Xi En can make use of this is extremely helpful if financial support is not practical for you, you can visit to check out how and where you may send the items to.

At the end of this post, I want to say a special thanks to Kristen, the founder of BasiK Organics. I told Kristen that I was taking her products to visit Xi En so she sent me a bag of sample size products to take over to Taiwan, which are perfect for when they need to take the babies out. If you haven’t tried Kristen’s products yet, you don’t know what you are missing out on my friends!