If you ever wonder why some people exit a long-haul fight looking well-rested and without post-flight breakouts, then this post might help to answer some of your questions.

Most of us know that the cabin is dry, but how dry? Without pulling out a bunch of stats and getting all technical about it, in general the relative humidity in the cabin is around 10%. So what does this percentage mean in real life? Let’s compare it to a more down-to-earth example, Las Vegas. Being typical desert weather, Las Vegas’ relative humidity typically ranges from 10% (very dry) to 65% (mildly humid) over the course of a year. In Melbourne, relative humidity typically ranges from 37% (comfortable) to 94% (very humid) over the course of a year, rarely dropping below 17%. (https://weatherspark.com/)

The low humidity in the cabin is the main cause of post-flight breakouts! Why? Simply speaking (Our body is a smart mechanism so it’s never simple, but for the sake of this post, we will make it simple.), with the lack of moisture in the air, dry skin may become flaky, leaving a deposit of dead skin cells which can trap bacteria & oil leading to post-flight breakouts. Under the same conditions, oily skin will become oilier which is a precursor to post-flight breakouts. At this point the key word for cabin skin care should be very clear – HYDRATION. I mean, can you imagine yourself in a desert without water?

Does Hydrating mean spraying water on your face regularly? NOT AT ALL when you are up in the air! An oil based moisturising product is a must after any hydrating mist, to lock in the moisture because oils help to prevent water loss. I fly 2-3 times a year in which at least once is over 30 hours, I rarely breakout after my flights and in most cases people can’t tell that I just got off a 30+ hour flight. I’m going to share with you what I do in any flight over 3 hours.

  1. Bare face & eyes

I don’t wear any makeup when I get on a flight because I want to allow my skin to breathe and to be honest, I don’t really find that wearing the same makeup that I put on few hours ago is all that flattering on me, especially once the makeup is exposed to extremely dry conditions.

For people who wear contact lens, I suggest you put your contacts in the case (with solution) and wear your glasses during the flight. That way you will find your eyes are not as tired and irritated, as these conditions are mainly caused by the lack of moisture in cabin air. Well-rested eyes are a big contribution to a gorgeous look when you land.

  1. BYO water bottle

Drinking a lot of water is common knowledge when it comes to flying. If you don’t want to trouble the crew to get you water every 10 minutes you can bring a big empty bottle with you, fill it up on board and have it by your side. That way it’s handy and you can free your little table for the next step!

  1. Your favourite travel size skin care set

I take almost everything I use on a daily basis on the plane, except for a mask (I will if it doesn’t freak people out!) The limit for international flight carry-on liquid or cream is 100ml per bottle and they all need to fit into a just-a-little-bit-bigger-than-a-sandwich-bag. It’s too much trouble and it’s really inconvenient. This is when Travel / Sample size comes in handy, see what’s in my inflight skin care bag:

  • Cleansing Oil – I prefer cleansing oil because it removes makeup and sunscreen as well. If I don’t have time to remove my makeup before going on the plane, I can do it now.
  • Hydrating mist – instant but temporary skin hydrator. Spray a generous amount over face and neck as well as any exposed part of your body to replenish moisture. Remember, DO NOT skip the moisturiser!
  • Serum/oil – locks in the moisture. Imagine a splash of water on a hot pan, if you only use hydrating mist without following it with oil based products the moisture will be drawn out of your body very quickly. You can skip this step if you use an oil based moisturiser instead.
  • Eye cream – skin around our eyes can be up to 100 times thinner so it’s a lot more delicate, if you don’t want to get off the plane with wrinkly eyes then you don’t want to skip this step.
  • Moisturiser – locks in the moisture. It works the same way as the oil, it comes down to personal preference when it comes to which one to use. Personally, I have dry combination skin so I use both oil and a light moisturiser to achieve the best result. If you have oily skin I suggest a light moisturiser after the spray will be sufficient, less is more.
  • Sunscreen – UV is one of the biggest factors that contributes to ageing, when you are over 30,000ft closer to the sun with a bare face, you need some protection especially if you are sitting next to the window. The good news is you can combine this step with moisturiser by using a moisturiser with SPF protection, such as Kelapa Organics SPF15 daily moisturiser.
  • Lip balm – even if you drink enough water you can still have chapped lips on the plane and that’s never fun! The good thing about a lip balm is that you can also use it as cuticle cream which helps people like me who have very dry hands and cuticles.
  • Hand and body lotion – dry hands and itchy legs can be very frustrating especially when you are trapped in a small area and you really don’t want to keep scratching! After replenishing the water inside (drinking water) and out (hydrating mist), don’t forget to lock in the moisture by applying lotions. If you prefer oil you may use that instead of lotion, but I often read on the plane so I prefer to use lotion over oil for my hands.

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  1. Eye mask

Get some sleep if you can. Sleeping helps our body to restore and regenerate, it also gets rid of some of the internal stress that we might have before we get on the flight, especially if you don’t want a pair of panda eyes! Often time there is always someone around me who will have their reading light on or always watching a show when I try to sleep. But none of this matters when I put my eye mask on.

If you continue hydrating inside (drinking plenty of water) and out (hydrate and lock-in-the-moisture) during your flight plus a bit of sleep, you will almost be guaranteed a ready-to-glow face when you land. What’s next? Put on some makeup before you leave the terminal and Be Glam!